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You Will Clean Better!


Designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness, the Cyclone’s patented rotating spray head – with speed adjustment-  cuts and removes stubborn soils from a wide variety of conveyor, freezer and oven belts in just one pass!


  • Removes Allergens!!

  • The cyclone can be in a fixed mount or in a portable configuration.

  • Increases belt life and reduces spiral belt tension.


You Will Save Chemicals!


The Cyclone is so powerful you will not need degreasers or caustics!

You Will Save Labor & Water!


The Cyclone will be like adding 1˝ to 2 men to your sanitation force. Works with or without hot water. Uses 1/16th-1/20th the water of other washers (we use 3-4 GPM).


Your Satisfaction is


If you are not satisfied that the Cyclone Belt Washer performs as described return it crated in good working order within 30 days and receive a full credit*

*does not include return freight


Washes Pans and Trays Too!

We made some changes to our Cyclone belt washer that enable it to wash Baguette and Artisan bread pans. The wash head, mounts over the conveyor, uses high pressure and hot water to wash the pans as they travel under it using 3-4 GPM of water. The coating will not be harmed even after years of washings.

 There is also an optional dryer-blower so the pans can be put back into service rapidly. The Cyclone comes in fixed mount or portable models. It is complete with pressure pump, controls and hoses. 


Bob is holding a artisan bread pan

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